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Samadhi had its humble beginnings in Spain. While following some time in retreat
and enjoying the laid-back Andalucian lifestyle, we had a series of experiences that
opened our eyes to the intense unhappiness, stress and anxiety out there which
we’d become sheltered from. We realised we couldn’t work on helping ourselves
cross the river without helping others, and decided to start offering some meditation
classes to English-speaking expats.

David, an international Buddhist teacher and meditation guide, and Manu with a
passion for helping others and creating a more harmonious interaction with our
environment and the planet, organised their first event, right before the very first
Spanish lockdown forced them to cancel!

2020 Day Retreat in Spain – Group Photo

2020 Day Retreat in Spain – The Vegan Paella

Despite the first lockdown, we didn’t give up. We decided to start preparing everything to launch as strong as possible after the lockdown.

We started working on the Samadhi Podcast, and put all our time into creating the Samadhi website, to start helping people online.

When restrictions were lifted in July of 2020, we held our first in-person retreat; it was extraordinary. Although the attendees were unsure of what to expect, there was an instant connection between all of us and the atmosphere was beautifully calm and inspiring.

From there, everything grew quickly – demand went up. We did a Day Retreat one after the other, selling out our little home venue. David’s role was to help guide our guests in a relaxing and eye-opening experience with inspiring Buddhist teachings and guided meditations, while Manu’s job was to make the retreat experience a smooth one and to pacify everyone’s stomachs with delicious homemade vegan food!

In October of 2020, life took us back to the United Kingdom and we based ourselves in South Wales, where Covid restrictions hit us even harder. With support from our Spanish community, we started to offer weekly meditation classes online, and extended these out to people nearby.

Following a feature on local radio and in the local media, these classes are now offered not just to those in South Wales but across the UK. Despite having our own day job, we are busier than ever, hosting up to five meditation classes and dharma talks every week, while we maintain The Samadhi Podcast and provide 1-1 guidance and support to some of our community.

Online Meditation Classes with Samadhi

What's the plan

Currently, Samadhi is primarily focused on providing a virtual sanctuary of serenity – introducing people to meditation, mindfulness & Buddhism, and helping them integrate these practices into their daily life. But this is not all we aim to do. Our ultimate aspiration is to establish an ecological retreat centre, where people from around the world can come together to practice meditation and connect with nature –coming back to our body, our mind, waking up our natural side, and loving other living beings.

As part of the Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre, we will grow all our own food, and only source what we can’t grow from local, organic suppliers. All the meals provided at the centre will be local and vegan.

From the start, we will be avoiding any tools which require unsustainable fuels and adapt ourselves to sustainable energy – solar and wind will eventually become our main energy source.

But we can’t do this alone. We are very fortunate to have an amazing group of volunteers who are helping us get a step closer to our goal. Although our aim is to make every course and event as accessible as possible so that everyone can benefit, funds are needed to make this dream a reality. That is why we have created the Samadhi Supporter membership. We believe this is the best way for those who want to support our vision to do so while getting access to all the support we can provide.

Samadhi Supporters make an invaluable contribution to the running of Samadhi’s activities, enabling us to help more and more people and supporting the goal of the future Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre. By donating a fixed amount every month, you help us cover our ongoing fees, lower the suggested donation fees on courses & retreats, and fundraise for the retreat centre. In exchange for your monthly donation, you get free access to any and all live sessions (around 4 per week), recordings of previous sessions, and more. 

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