The Art of Forgiveness – In Conversation with Barbara J Hunt

In this episode, we are joined by Barbara J Hunt – Forgiveness Specialist, Coach, Bestselling Author, and Workshop and Retreat Leader. Barbara has over 25 years of experience in the self-development space and has helped hundreds if not thousands of people bring forgiveness into their lives. Barbara was kind enough to come on and talk to us about forgiveness, getting to the heart of what it really means to forgive, and how we can push through some of the barriers we may face with it.

Guided Meditation – Self-Criticism to Self-Confidence

This is a guided meditation on turning our self-criticism into self-confidence. During this practise, we learn to acknowledge and accept the self-critical mind, detach from its story, and cultivate a healthy balance, taking equal note of our accomplishments. We then rest in the simplicity of the present moment, in which everything is okay and we are calm, healthy and happy.

Saying No to Self-Criticism

In this episode, David talks about saying no to the inner self-critic. Self-criticism, low self-esteem and thoughts of being not good enough can be really debilitating and hold us back from achieving our dreams and highest aspirations. Talking from the perspective of Buddhist psychology, David talks about what leads to overly critical thoughts and beliefs and provides some ways of letting go of these thoughts and building our self-confidence.

Guided Meditation – Experiencing the Mind & Body as a Lake

This is a guided meditation on experiencing the mind & body as a lake. During this practice, we mindfully attend to our experience of all sensations inside and outside the mind and body. Breath by breath, moment by moment, we bring awareness to our experience of being. This experience allows us to access an inner stillness and calmness that is present within us at all times and can be accessed anywhere, at any time.

Changing Negative Habits and Cultivating Positive Ones

In this episode, David addresses a question regarding changing habits – becoming aware of them, breaking damaging habits, and embedding new positive ones. Talking practically from his own experience, and using the analogy of a bus station and a road network, David talks about how habits are formed and suggests some helpful ways we can use conscious effort and self-awareness to overcome these negative habits and to cultivate positive ones.

Guided Meditation – Mindfulness of Feelings

This is a guided meditation on the second close application of mindfulness – mindfulness of feelings (Skt. vedana). The four close applications of mindfulness (Skt. smrityupasthana; Pali. satipatthana) are the bedrock of the Buddha’s teachings on vipashyana, and as the Buddha described them: the direct path to nirvana. In this guided practice we attend closely to the different types of feelings (pleasure, displeasure, and indifference) arising in relation to sensations from our five physical senses and we carefully pose questions and inspect the very nature of these feelings.

Guided Meditation on R.A.I.N. (with Charlotte Adler)

This is a guided meditation on R.A.I.N., recorded by Charlotte Adler. R.A.I.N. is a method by which we release painful emotions through mindfulness and self-compassion. Charlotte explains more about R.A.I.N. in Episode 13 of this podcast. This is a beautiful meditation and we’re so grateful to Charlotte for her kindness in sharing this with us. We’re sure it will benefit many. May all beings be happy.

In Conversation with Charlotte Adler (Healing Trauma Through Meditation and R.A.I.N.)

In this episode, we are joined by Charlotte Adler of Bodhicitta Lifeworks. Charlotte is a healer, therapeutic counsellor, and meditation guide and has spent the last 13 years or so helping women to deal with all aspects of recovery in the aftermath of addiction and trauma. Extensive studies in Buddhist Psychology plus time spent in Northern India practising both yoga and meditation, have led her to her current position, offering, with the greatest joy, accessible Dharma workshops and guided meditation to retreatants at all levels of study and practice. Charlotte was kind enough to share her thoughts and experience of meditation, Buddhism, healing trauma through meditation, and R.A.I.N.

Guided Meditation on Maitrī (Loving-Kindness)

This is a guided meditation on Loving-Kindness (maitrī in Sanskrit). Loving Kindness is the first of the Four Immeasurables, a rich compilation of practices that open the heart, counter the distortions in our relationships with ourselves and deepens our relationship with others. The essential nature of loving-kindness is a yearning that the person we are directing our attention to be well and happy. The object of one’s loving-kindness may be oneself, another human being, an animal, or any other sentient being. May everyone be free of enmity. May everyone be free of affliction. May everyone be free of anxiety. May everyone be well and happy.