What is The Samadhi Project?

The Samadhi Project is our vision for an eco-retreat centre and community here in the South of Wales. 

The purpose of the retreat centre is for it to be an inspiring and welcoming place for like-minded people to gather, to visit, or to live together, and learn about meditation, Buddhist psychology, contemplative training, and sustainable living. It will also be a place for those who wish to devote themselves to full-time contemplative practice or meditation retreat on a short or long term basis to do so in an ideal, harmonious, and secluded environment.

At the heart of the centre and community’s values will be the pursuit of an ethical way of life, living in harmony with each other and our environment, in an environmentally sustainable way (i.e. recycling and conserving water, utilising solar energy, growing our own food organically, eating plant-based.)

What are the funds for?

While some funds will come from our own personal savings and from running meditation courses and retreats, with only kind hearts and no wealthy investors, in order to realise this vision it is necessary to raise funds.  Firstly, the funds raised will be used to locate and acquire a suitable piece of land, and then, for the process of converting or building various structures and buildings (such as private meditation huts, shared meditation spaces, our main building, accommodation, etc.) We will also require funds to sustain the first working visitors and members of the community before we can support ourself. 

Why donate to The Samadhi Project?

By donating to The Samadhi Project you are helping to realise our vision for a more peaceful and harmonious world, one where we do not abuse our environment or each other, but we live in peace and we love and support each other and pursue awakening together. In Buddhism, there is a concept called ‘Kalyāṇa-mittatā’ (Pali). It is the concept of spiritual or ‘admirable’ friendship within a community, of a supportive group relationship based on shared ethical values and goals. We want to attract and bring together people who bring out the best in each other and whose values align. 

Our hope is that this centre will not only be an inspiration to the rest of the world but that it will help many people directly. And over the many years we hope it will remain, thousands upon thousands of people may visit and benefit from the practices they learn and the skills they develop there. 

We are so grateful for your support for this humble project, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre as soon as we can.