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"Guided Meditation – The Space of the Mind"

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This is a 15-minute guided meditation in which we turn our attention to the space of the mind – the domain where thoughts, images, memories, and feelings arise. This meditation helps us to become familiar with the true nature of our human mind and the true nature of our mental activity, by taking a step back from being dragged along and instead, simply observing. When we are experiencing crippling anxiety, stress, depression, and other strong negative emotions, it is easy to become overwhelmed and can seem impossible to gain control over our mind. This meditation allows us to see that thoughts, feelings, memories, are not as big, scary and daunting as they seem. Instead, we see that they are formless – they have no shape, colour, size, smell, or tactile properties. By seeing this directly, we can realise our power as the agent, the ‘thinker,’ and learn to gain control over our mind and our emotions, instead of them having control over us.

What is the Samadhi Podcast?

The Samadhi Podcast is a series of bitesize talks and guided meditations that help you become a happier, more peaceful and positive person. Learn how to calm the mind, deeply relax, gain control of feelings and emotions, find inner strength, and let go of negative states of mind such as stress and anxiety by developing a positive approach to life.

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Samadhi is a small not-for-profit group. We are run entirely by volunteers, and no payment is given to teachers or administrators for their service. Everyone involved in Samadhi gives their time or financial support solely through their wish to share the benefits of the teachings with others. Through your generosity, whether you can offer a small amount of your time or a gift, we will be able to continue making important contributions to our community through The Samadhi Podcast, this website & our retreats and courses. Read more

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Dassetu Samadhi

Dassetu Samadhi

Dassetu is an experienced contemplative, meditator & teacher who has studied the mind, meditation, and Buddhism for several years. He is an international teacher & retreat leader and has spent the last few years engaging in personal retreats. His teachings are clear & practical and he has a warm and pragmatic approach. Coming from his own experience as a meditator in the 21st century, he presents in a simple way that is accessible to all and easy to use in daily life.

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