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This is an ongoing course, happening from September to November 2021.

Part 1 from September 11th is now available to watch here. (To watch, please log in using the ‘Login to Enroll’ button above and then click here.).
Parts 2 and 3 will happen live on October 2nd and November 13th. 

Join Buddhist contemplative and meditation guide David Johnson as we go back to basics, exploring the origins and purpose of Buddhism and the core theories and practices common to all schools and practitioners.

This series of courses are aimed at providing an overview to beginners, and as such we will not go into any great depth, but rather explore the very fundamental and basic concepts behind the topics outlined. Our hope is that this will elucidate what Buddhism is and what it has to offer those of us in the modern world, and from there, students can request further teachings on the topics that most resonate with them. 

Depending on interest, this series may extend into a more in-depth one-year study programme starting in 2022.

Part 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to the Buddha and his story
  • Buddhism: religion, science of mind, or philosophy?
  • The human predicament and the Buddha’s radical approach
  • The Four Noble Truths

Part 2: The Theory (Join us live on October 2nd)

  • Nature of Mind/Consciousness
  • Rebirth
  • Mental Afflictions and The Three Poisons
  • Karma

Part 3: The Practice (Join us live on November 13th)

  • Shamatha-Vipassana
  • The Four Immeasurables & Bodhicitta
  • The Four Close Applications of Mindfulness
  • The Noble Eightfold Path and The Threefold Training

Three-Part Series Dates:

Pricing & Booking:

This course operates on the basis of dana (giving). Please offer what you can. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and all money goes directly into supporting our activities and fundraising for the Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre. If you’re wondering how much to give, please consider what you might pay for similar classes & sessions offered with a set fee. Please also consider your own income and the proportion of it you can reasonably spend on teaching. Most importantly, dana should come from the heart in a spirit of gratitude and generosity.

To watch, please log in using the ‘Login to Enroll’ button above and then click here.

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