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Meditation for Intermediates (4-week course)

Deepen Your Practice & Improve Your Meditation Skills

This intermediates course is perfect for those who have already tried meditation but would like to develop their practice further. The practice sessions are longer and have fewer prompts than in the beginner sessions, and over the four weeks, we work through some new concepts and tools that will help you to deepen your meditation practice and uncover all the benefits a calm and balanced state of mind can bring you.

When we’re no longer a total beginner and we’re enjoying the benefits meditation can bring us, we may have a desire to take it further but find ourselves unsure of how to reduce the obsessive distraction or sleepiness, and how to go from needing short guided meditations to having our own regular, self-guided practice. This course is aimed to bridge that gap. 

Course Requirements

It is a prerequisite for this course that you have some experience of meditation (such as through our 3-week Beginners Course, or our free Sunday classes) and some familiarity with practices such as Settling Body, Speech & Mind in Their Natural States, and Mindfulness of Breathing.

About the course

This course consists of 4 x 1.5hr sessions, which can be watched at your own pace. We recommend watching one per week and engaging in the practices in between. 

The sessions are a mixture of dharma talks, guided meditations, meditation tips, and group discussion. There is no need to prepare anything special – find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.

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