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Meditation for Relaxation

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Meditation for Relaxation (4-week series)

Find Calm, Focus and Clarity

It is hard to find time to relax. Most of us would probably admit that we do not spend enough time relaxing and letting go of tension – we’re too busy organising, remembering, getting things done and managing our life.

Relaxation is a skill. Without improving this skill, we experience excess tension and stress in the mind and body. This leads to knock-on effects on our health and our relationships, as well as our ability to function well and maintain balance in the face of challenge and change.

During this four-week series, we explore relaxation techniques, tricks, and meditations that will help you deeply unwind, let go of stress and worry, and cultivate a calmer, healthier approach to life. 

Week One – Soothing the Body

Week Two – Deep Relaxation with the Breath

Week Three – Observing the Mind

Week Four – The Power of Acceptance

About the course

This course consists of 4 x 1.5hr pre-recorded sessions which you can watch at your leisure.

There is no need to prepare anything special – find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.

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