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Overcoming the Roots of Unhappiness

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Teachings on The Three Poisons

During this online course, Buddhist teacher, David Johnson offers teachings on The Three Poisons (the akusala-mula.)

In the centre of the iconic Buddhist image of the Wheel of Life, or Bhavachakra, you will find depicted a pig, a bird, and a snake. These three creatures represent the Three Poisons, or Three Unwholesome Roots – ignorance, attachment, and aversion.

These Three Poisons are the source of our negative mental states–such as anxiety, anger, jealousy–and the root from which all unskillful or harmful actions spring. It is understood in Buddhism that as long as our thoughts, words, and actions are conditioned by the Three Poisons they will cause unceasing problems for ourselves and others. 

It is therefore essential that we learn to overcome these minds, in order to uncover lasting wellbeing and happiness in our life.

About the course

This course is suitable for everyone – whether you are new to meditation or Buddhist thought, or have been studying for a while.

This course consists of 3 x pre-recorded 1.5hr sessions which you can watch at your leisure. The sessions are a mixture of dharma talks and guided meditations. There is a discussion area for those who wish to make comments, ask questions, or discuss with peers. 

There is no need to prepare anything special – just find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.

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