What is The Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre?

All profits from our activities go towards fundraising for the Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre. Currently in the early stages, our centre will welcome people from around the world to come together and share contemplative practices and connect with nature. We will encourage healing of our overworked minds and bodies, waking up our natural side, and harmony and kindness.

The Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre will be entirely off-grid, we will grow all our own food, and only source what we can’t grow from local, organic suppliers. All the meals provided at the centre will be local and vegan. From the start, we will be avoiding any tools which require unsustainable fuels and adapt ourselves to sustainable energy – solar and wind will become our energy sources.

What will life at the Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre be like?

The core ethos of our retreat centre will be about creating a nurturing community and supporting dedicated practitioners and aspiring yogis as they enter into retreat.

We will have individual retreat cabins for those wanting to do long-term practice, a main retreat space, accommodation for visitors and volunteers, veggie patches, fruit trees, and a zero-waste shop and cafe open to the public. The centre may also provide sanctuary to rescued farm animals. This will all be set in a rural, spacious and secluded location.

We will invite inspiring and forward-thinking teachers to come and give talks and lead retreats. We’ll host retreats on meditation, Buddhism and yoga, run workshops on permaculture and sustainable living. Our community will thrive through their practice of loving-kindness and helpfulness to one another. It will be a place of inspiration and healing.

What stage is the project at right now?

At the moment, we are in the fundraising stage for the initial purchase of the land. 

With no wealthy investors, we have the monumental task of raising funds for the project. Manu and David have set aside their personal savings, and any profits generated from meditation courses or retreats go towards this goal. We are also exploring other options such as crowdfunding and bank loans.

What’s next?

The initial funds raised will be used to locate and acquire a suitable piece of land, legal and planning fees, and then, for the process of converting or building the private meditation huts, shared meditation spaces, our main building, accommodation and so on. We will also require funds to sustain the first working visitors and members of the community before we can support ourselves. 

How can I help?

At the moment our primary need is fundraising, but you might also be able to help us locate land or with planning. Any input you have into this goal will directly affect the lives of thousands of people. 

By donating to The Samadhi Project, you are helping to realise our vision for a more peaceful and harmonious world. Our hope is that this Retreat Centre will not only help many people directly but also be an inspiration to the rest of the world. Over the many years, we hope it will remain, thousands upon thousands of people may visit and benefit from the practices they learn and the skills they develop. 

We are so grateful for your support for this humble project, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre as soon as we can. 

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At Samadhi, we aim to provide a sanctuary of serenity, welcoming all people who wish to explore meditation and Buddhism. Your donations make an invaluable contribution to the running of Samadhi and to the goal of the future Samadhi Retreat Centre. 


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