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NEW:4 Day ‘Refresh & Recharge’ Meditation & Yoga Retreat in Lincolnshire
Join us for a four day journey to reset, refresh and recharge with meditation and yoga.
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Upcoming Retreats

Upcoming Classes

“Find out what really constitutes true well-being and, based on this understanding, pursue it.”

The Samadhi Podcast

Online Courses


Turning Everyday Life into Dharma Practice


Transforming Adversity: Navigating Through Difficult Times

1.5hr Workshop - FREE
In this workshop which was hosted live in Kidwelly, we explore how we can navigate life’s difficulties with resilience, cultivate a strong and balanced mind, and emerge with a healthier and happier approach to challenge and change. In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, discover powerful strategies and practical practices from the Buddhist tradition that turn adversity into opportunity.

The Buddha’s Path Study Programme – Module #1: Foundations of Buddhist Theory I: An Overview

This module is the very beginning of our multi-year Study Programme (The Buddha’s Path: Foundational Buddhist Study Programme) and delves into an overview of the foundational aspects of Buddhist teachings.


Finding a Spiritual Teacher

1hr Workshop - FREE
In this one-hour workshop recorded during an Insight Timer Live, we discuss the ins and outs of seeking and connecting with authentic spiritual mentors in the modern world. Whilst having a spiritual teacher has always been seen as an important part of the Buddhist path, nowadays many of us are unsure how to find a genuine teacher and what to look for in a mentor or guide.


The Path of the Open Heart: Embracing a Happier Life Through Compassionate Practices

These recordings are from our course held in Kidwelly and online in June 2023. Explore the transformative practices of the Four Immeasurables, which can help us cultivate empathy and love, and embrace a more joyful and fulfilling life through our connection with others.


Transform Your Mind: Buddhist Mind Training

These recordings are from a course in Kidwelly in March 2023. During this course, we explore Buddhist Mind Training techniques (lojong) that help us transform emotional pain, anxiety, and stress into mental well-being.

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Human Friendly Events

Samadhi is an inclusive organisation and we welcome people of all ages, genders (including gender identity), sexual orientation, abilities, race (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origin), religion or belief.

As an LGBTQ-led Buddhist organisation, we strongly believe that no one should be discriminated against for any reason at all and subscribe to the ideals of non-harm and loving-kindness. You’re welcome no matter who you are and you’re free to express yourself authentically.