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Samadhi is a small organisation run as a non-profit, led by David Johnson and Manuel Orozco Jimenez. It combines both our passions – David’s for helping others through meditation and Buddhist psychology, and Manu’s for sharing yoga and promoting a better relationship with our environment.

To this aim, we run online and in-person classes, courses and retreats on meditation, Buddhism and yoga. We also have a podcast, several online programmes, a community group and weekly sangha group practice and discussion groups.

Whether you’d like to experience some temporary peace and calm or become a happier and more positive person by gradually removing bad habits of mind and cultivating positive ones, or find deeper meaning by exploring the depths of your mind and discovering the true nature of reality, meditation and Buddhism can be practised by anyone!

Meditation Classes
& Retreats

Meditation classes, day courses and retreats, helping you to deepen your experience of meditation & Buddhism.

The Samadhi

Free bitesize talks and guided meditations that help you become a happier, more peaceful and positive person

Supporting Your

Sharing information, texts and sources that will help guide your own personal practice.

The Samadhi Eco Retreat

Samadhi has a vision to create 'Samadhi Retreat Centre' - a self-sustainable, eco community and retreat centre.

The meaning behind the word:

Sam - a - dhi

Meditation is not just for relaxing, rather it can be used to develop deep concentration (samadhi) and to access a state of mind which is the nature of clarity, calmness, bliss and a true sense of well-being. This blissful state is called “shamatha” in Sanskrit. Once we have reached this very advanced concentrated state of mind, our mind is very serviceable, and though vipassana, transforming our mind and developing deep wisdom and insight is quick and easy.

Coming from the Sanskrit, Samadhi is often translated as ‘single-pointed attention,’ ‘concentration’ or ‘unification of mind.’

The etymology: SAM = “totally,” “completely,” “fully”   //   A = intensifier, e.g. “very,” “really”   //   DHI (from the root ‘DHA’) = “to place,” “to put.”

Samadhi in this context means; totally, really, placing your mind on whatever you’re attending to. Samadhi is perfect concentration, free of all levels of mental excitation and laxity/dullness, and fully absorbed or sunk into an object of focus or into a state of mind.

Buddha described deep samadhi as “peaceful, sublime, an ambrosial dwelling, and it disperses and quells on the spot unwholesome states whenever they arise.” Even with a full interpretation of the meaning of these words, it can be difficult to truly understand what the experience is like, much like trying to explain the taste of chocolate to someone who has never tasted chocolate before. 

Of this mind, Dr Alexander Berzin says;

"With a sharp mind, our energies become concentrated and tamed, and no longer run wildly inside us. We come to experience an exhilaratingly blissful – yet also peaceful – feeling, both on a mental and a physical level. We experience the extraordinary clarity of mind that comes when it’s stripped of any distracting thoughts or extraneous emotions. Without attachment to this bare, clear and blissful state, we can use it for accomplishing any positive purpose we wish."

Dr Alexander Berzin

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