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“Find out what really constitutes true well-being and, based on this understanding, pursue it.”

The Buddha

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Online Courses


The True Meaning of Non-Attachment and How It Sets You Free

1hr Workshop - FREE
In this one hour workshop recorded during an Insight Timer Live, explore non-attachment. There is no exact translation of the word upadana, the word we commonly translate as attachment, which leads to misunderstandings. Non-attachment is not about ridding ourselves of those we love or our possessions, but about changing our relationship with them.

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Introduction to Buddhism

Join Buddhist contemplative and meditation guide David Johnson as we go back to basics, exploring the origins and purpose of Buddhism and the core theories and practices common to all schools and practitioners.

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Working with Difficult Emotions

1hr Workshop - FREE
In this one hour workshop recorded during an Insight Timer Live, discover how to gain choice over your emotional experience. Instead of running away or suppressing our difficult emotions, with tips from Buddhism and emotional psychology, we can learn a new and profoundly healing way of working with them and begin to choose how we respond to challenges in life.

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An Introduction to Mindfulness and Happiness

Online Course - £19.99
Discover greater happiness and well-being using insights and methods drawn from Buddhist contemplative practices in this online course with David Johnson.

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Meditation for Relaxation

4-week course - £30
Relaxation is a skill. Without improving this skill, we experience excess tension and stress in the mind and body. During this four-week series, we explore relaxation techniques, tricks, and meditations that will help you deeply unwind, let go of stress and worry, and cultivate a calmer, healthier approach to life.

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Meditation for Intermediates

4-week course - £30
This intermediates course is perfect for those who have already tried meditation but would like to develop their practice further. Over the four weeks, we work through some concepts and tools that will help you to deepen your meditation practice and uncover all the benefits a calm and balanced state of mind can bring you.

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Mindful Living

5-week course - £30
Learn the essential principles of mindfulness and discover techniques to live more mindfully. By using practical, down-to-earth meditation skills, you can unlock the path to becoming calmer, happier and more positive.

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Mindful Moments with Manu

Ongoing Series - Free
Mindful Moments with Manu are a series of relaxing videos where we take some time to unplug from all the craziness and just get quiet and thoughtful for a while. There's so much busyness in our lives which can leave us feeling unbalanced, and I'd like to offer you these moments of relaxation and unwinding.

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Overcoming the Roots of Unhappiness

3-Week Course - £15
During this online course, we will look at The Three Poisons (the akusala-mula.) These Three Poisons are the source of our negative mental states–such as anxiety, anger, jealousy–it is therefore essential that we learn to overcome these minds to uncover lasting well-being and happiness in our lives.

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