Guided Meditation – Heartful Presence with Neil Seligman

This is a guided meditation on Heartful Presence with Neil Seligman. This practice helps you tune into the body with loving awareness and notice what is arising in your awareness. In this practice, we explore the energy of the heart through deep listening, focusing on body sensations, images, feelings, and thoughts.

The Gifts of Mindfulness – In Conversation with Neil Seligman

In this episode, we are joined by Neil Seligman – International Speaker, Author, and Expert in Mindfulness, Resilience, Conscious Leadership and Corporate Wellbeing. Neil believes in bringing conscious awareness to the challenges of our world and is passionate about sharing his understanding of mindfulness and transformation through his teaching, writing, speaking, and art. Neil very kindly offered us insights from his own personal journey and shared his thoughts on the gifts of mindfulness and conscious living.