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Becoming Bulletproof: Emotional Resilience

A 7-week programme designed to help you overcome emotional imbalances, understand your emotions, and find genuine happiness

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About the programme

Life has its ups and downs, and for many, even an ordinary day can lead to one emotional rollercoaster after another. Being unable to regulate our emotions and having sudden changes in mood can leave us feeling mentally and physically exhausted and with a desire to escape or run away.

Our emotions are important – they shape our experience of our reality. They can be wonderful, and they can be unbearable. Sometimes we want to hold on to them forever, and other times we want rid of them. Whatever the experience, for most of us, emotions seem beyond our control, as if they happen to us, and we have no say in whether they stay or go.

Why this programme?

Our ‘Becoming Bulletproof: Emotional Resilience’ program is all about cultivating a profound sense of mental and emotional balance. It’s not about suppressing negative emotions, but about learning to experience and govern our emotions in a healthy, dynamic way.

During this 7-week course, drawing on practical experience of meditation, psychology, and Buddhist wisdom, we will cultivate the ability of the mind and body to maintain equilibrium and flexibility in the face of challenge and change. Meditation will help us to deepen our understanding of emotions, and discover the ability to regulate our emotional responses. Cultivating this emotional balance will promote physical health, and will be a prerequisite for enhancing personal wellbeing and growth.

I joined the Becoming Bulletproof: Emotional Resilience course in January 2021. I found the sessions incredibly helpful in many ways, it has given me a totally different way of looking at things. It was given to me as a present and it was probably the best present I was ever given because it's given me a totally new outlook on how I deal with problems, like when you’re stuck in traffic or if I’m challenged by somebody that’s giving me a hard time, it's given me a lot of ways of dealing with things, for example, don’t spoil your day by fighting something you can’t control. So all I wanted to say is if you haven’t done this course before, please do it because it is so worthwhile.

Katharina H

What to Expect Over the 7 Weeks

Live sessions take place on Monday evenings, 6.00pm-7.30pm (UK time)

Week 1

Introduction to the Becoming Bulletproof Programme, group introductions, how to meditate and Q&A
✓ Discover the hows and whys of the method and theory of the programme
✓ Meet the other participants
✓ Introduction to meditation and mindfulness
✓ Q&A with the group leader

Week 2

What is happiness and how do we find inner peace? Q&A
✓ Discover the two types of happiness
✓ Find out what 'peace of mind' really means
✓ How meditation and self-awareness leads to genuine wellbeing
✓ Q&A with the group leader

Week 3

Introduction to Emotions, their function and purpose and the Ego
✓ Introduction to Emotions
✓ Characteristics of Emotions
✓ Function of Emotions
✓ Constructive vs Destructive Emotions
✓ Emotions and mental suffering

Week 4

The emotional episode timeline, conscious vs unconscious living, getting to know the mind
✓ Emotional Episode Timeline
✓ Mindful Break
✓ Getting to know the mind
✓ How to observe thoughts, emotions and behaviour objectively

Week 5

Loving-Kindness, introducing awareness to our emotions, dealing with destructive emotions
✓ Loving-Kindness
✓ How we can introduce awareness into our emotions
✓ RAIN tool
✓ Release stories through the practice of RAIN

Week 6

Applying mindfulness, working with emotional behaviours, self-discipline and triggers
✓ Applying mindfulness to the emotional episode timeline
✓ Working with emotional behaviours
✓ Self-discipline and discernment
✓ How to work with hot triggers

Week 7

Review, tools for emotional regulation, breakout rooms
✓ Review of our 7-week programme
✓ Practical tools for emotional regulation
✓ Breakout rooms
✓ Q&A with group leader

After the course

Group support, one-to-one sessions, podcasts and retreats
✓ Support each other through our private online group
✓ One-to-one support
✓ Online podcasts and courses
✓ Join us for a weekend retreat

Please note that this a rough outline, our programme will cover the above themes but the order may change as we adapt to our group’s needs.

Meditation is, very simply put, about developing exceptional mental health and wellbeing and experiencing the genuine wellbeing that comes from having a wonderfully balanced and healthy mind.

B. Alan Wallace

About the Group Leader

David Johnson

International Buddhist Meditation Teacher & Retreat Leader

David will lead this online programme, running the workshops and guided meditations, and supporting you as a mentor throughout the course.

David designed the Becoming Bulletproof: Emotional Resilience programme based on his practical experience of meditation, Buddhist wisdom and modern psychology. The programme first ran in January 2021 to much success and he has spent the last few months adapting and adding to the course material. His aim is to introduce a practical, evidence-based and easily applicable approach to emotional regulation and the cultivation of genuine wellbeing.

David is an experienced Buddhist contemplative and meditation guide who has studied and taught internationally for several years. He is the Co-Founder of Samadhi and a qualified mindfulness teacher, Mental Health First Aider, and an active member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity. His teaching style is clear and practical, and his warm and humorous approach makes him a popular mindfulness teacher.

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What's included

Details & Schedule

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Please register your interest for the next intake. When we have enough interest, we will organise for the course to take place. 

We believe that no-one should be excluded because of low income. Please contact us here if you would like to apply for a funded place. If you would like to support our vision of making these teachings as accessible as possible, please consider making a donation, supporting future groups, events & retreats.


Everyone is welcome to join us for this course, regardless of background or experience of meditation or Buddhist psychology.
Having said that, exploring the realm of emotions can be in itself an emotional experience. We will strive to create a safe, supportive environment for participants to embark on this exploration. This course may be less suitable for individuals who are currently diagnosed with and/or under treatment for a psychological condition, including panic/anxiety or depression. The recent loss of a loved one can also be a difficult emotional time for many people and if you have experienced such a loss, it may make the practices of this course too demanding at this time. Please speak to the group leader by emailing if you have any doubts about whether this course is right for you at this time.
Yes, we take you through the hows and whys of meditation and so this course is suitable for beginners and regulars alike.
Please try your best not to miss any live sessions, though if it is unavoidable, please let us know in advance by emailing, and we can arrange to send you the recording. 

After the course is finished, all recordings, meditations, and notes will be made available through an online learning portal, which you will have lifetime access to. 

The first thing is: don’t give up! Overcoming a lifetime of bad emotional habits takes time and work, but we’re here to support you. If you feel able, please share your experience in the Facebook Group as there may be others who can identify with your experience and offer their insights. It helps to know you’re not alone. You’re also welcome to email the group leader who can help you find the necessary resources to work with your experience skillfully. 

Have another question? Please send us an email or a message us using the chat in the corner of the screen.