Support Samadhi

Why help?

Samadhi is a small not-for-profit group. We are run entirely by volunteers, and no payment is given to teachers or administrators for their service. In this way, our motivation remains virtuous and those who are involved in Samadhi give their time or financial support solely through their compassion and wish to share the benefits of the teachings with others. Through your generosity, whether you are offering your time or a gift, we will be able to continue making important contributions to our community through The Samadhi Podcast, this website & our retreats and courses. You will also be helping us to raise funds for the Samadhi Retreat Centre Project.

"Just a quick thank you for helping me out over last months, the classes you have held have made a massive impact on me and a couple of my friends. I really hope this will be here for the long term as I feel it will help others as much as its helped me. So keep it up the good work, your doing a great job and thank you for helping me control my anxiety."

Lee Hampton (student)

1. Supporting by Giving Your Time

If you are unable to help us financially, or prefer to have a hands-on approach to supporting Samadhi, there are a number of ways you could help us and we would be very excited to hear from you. At present, we especially need help with transcribing of our podcast episodes and online teachings (to help those who are hard of hearing), event & podcast promotion, and social media support. 

What we currently need help with:

Audio Transcribing

Help those who are hard of hearing to receive teachings by transcribing our podcast episodes

Event/Podcast Promotion

Help by promoting our events and podcast episodes so that we may reach as many people as possible!

Help with Social Media

Help with scheduling posts, uploading snippets of teachings, sharing in groups

2. Become a Samadhi Supporter

While we strive to benefit as many people as possible regardless of their financial situation, unfortunately in this world there are financial costs to cover. While we are able to offer some services free (the Samadhi Podcast and our Sunday classes for example), some services do request a donation to cover our costs. By becoming a Samadhi Supporter, you make a rolling £35/month donation, which is an invaluable contribution to the running of Samadhi’s activities and to the goal of the future Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre. Through giving generously, we are able to cover our ongoing fees and lower the suggested donation fees on courses & retreats.

Examples of where your monthly donation will go:

  • Website fees (hosting & domain)
  • Podcast hosting fees
  • Advertising online
  • Webinar software subscriptions
  • The Samadhi Fund – a fund dedicated to covering retreat & course fees for those of low-income
  • Fundraising for Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre
  • Fundraising for improved equipment (video camera)


In exchange for your ongoing support, as a Samadhi Supporter you will have free access to:

  • Any and all live sessions (around 4 classes per week)
  • Recordings of previous sessions
  • Online courses
  • Online yoga sessions (coming soon)
  • Guidance and support in your practice from Samadhi teachers