Guided Meditation on R.A.I.N. (with Charlotte Adler)

This is a guided meditation on R.A.I.N., recorded by Charlotte Adler. R.A.I.N. is a method by which we release painful emotions through mindfulness and self-compassion. Charlotte explains more about R.A.I.N. in Episode 13 of this podcast. This is a beautiful meditation and we’re so grateful to Charlotte for her kindness in sharing this with us. We’re sure it will benefit many. May all beings be happy.

In Conversation with Charlotte Adler (Healing Trauma Through Meditation and R.A.I.N.)

In this episode, we are joined by Charlotte Adler of Bodhicitta Lifeworks. Charlotte is a healer, therapeutic counsellor, and meditation guide and has spent the last 13 years or so helping women to deal with all aspects of recovery in the aftermath of addiction and trauma. Extensive studies in Buddhist Psychology plus time spent in Northern India practising both yoga and meditation, have led her to her current position, offering, with the greatest joy, accessible Dharma workshops and guided meditation to retreatants at all levels of study and practice. Charlotte was kind enough to share her thoughts and experience of meditation, Buddhism, healing trauma through meditation, and R.A.I.N.