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Mindful Living (5-week series)

Learn to Live Mindfully – Find Happiness and Peace of Mind

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason – with many benefits to be achieved in our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. But with so many apps, courses and videos out there and so many different approaches, it can be unclear exactly what mindfulness is, or how and why we apply it to our daily life. 

During this five-week course, you will learn the essential principles of mindfulness and discover techniques to live more mindfully. You will learn to make sense of and navigate these challenging times by utilising practical, down-to-earth meditation skills. Living in this way, the body and mind will start to unwind, allowing natural healing to take place as we become calmer, happier and more positive.

About this online course

This course consists of 5 sessions, which can be watched at your leisure. We recommend watching one a week, and in between, spending time engaging in the practices recommended by the course leader. 

The sessions are a mixture of dharma talks, guided meditations, meditation tips, and group discussion.

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