Spring 2022 Meditation Retreat

Join us for a relaxing and refreshing Spring weekend meditation retreat in the beautiful and tranquil Charney Manor in the countryside of Oxfordshire.

Monthly Coffee and Meditation Meetup

An evening of meditation, coffee, and discussion with friends During these sessions we explore a different aspect of meditation & Buddhist psychology each month. Meditation is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It’s about developing exceptional levels of mental health and well-being and experiencing the genuine well-being, happiness and joy that comes […]

Meditation Classes in the Cynon Valley

Beginners meditation classes near Mountain Ash in the Cynon Valley. Unwind, relax, let go of stress and anxiety, and cultivate positive minds such as patience, compassion, and equanimity.

Meditation Classes in Ebbw Vale

Beginners meditation classes in Ebbw Vale. Unwind, relax, let go of stress and anxiety, and cultivate positive minds such as patience, compassion, and equanimity.

Tranquillity and Insight – Weekend Retreat

During this in-depth weekend retreat, we will gain experience of shamatha, vipashyana, and the union of the two – the direct route to overcoming our bad habits of mind and severing the root of suffering, following the Buddha’s own journey in mindfulness. Come and soothe the body, heal the mind, restore balance, and cultivate insight.

Meditation for Intermediates (4-week course)

Join us for this intermediates course, perfect for those who have already tried meditation but would like to develop their practice further and improve their meditation skills.

Mindful Living (5-week series)

During this five-week course, you will learn the essential principles of mindfulness and discover techniques to live more mindfully. As we start to live a more contemplative way of life, the body and mind start to unwind, and we allow our natural healing and balance to emerge, helping us become happier and calmer people.

Mindfulness & Happiness

During this seminar, we will discover how to be mindfully present with every part of our day. Instead of being caught up in the worry and stress, we can have an open, calm, joyful presence throughout our day and with everyone we meet.

Meditation for Beginners (3-week course)

Meditation is a way of calming the mind, bringing it under control, and developing a positive approach to life. During this three-week course, aimed at beginners, we will go through the hows and whys of meditation.